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  • Food thermometer

  • Thermo-hygrometer

  • Testing Instrument

    • CH-918 thermo-hygrometer & timer

    • CH-915 digital thermo-hygrometer

    • CH-212 dual probe thermometer

    • CH-107 Food Thermometer

    • CH-913 Digital thermohygrometer

    • CH-909 Digital thermohygrometer

    • CH-209 foldable thermometer

    • CH-908 ultra thin hygro-thermometer

    • CH-206 meat thermometer fork

    • TH1365 Data Logger

    • Surface Resistance Meter

    • Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

    • TC-02 Thermal imaging camera

    • AQ-01 Air quality monitor

    • MD610 Wood moisture meter

    • MD630 Wood Moisture Meter

    • MD-814 Wood moisture meter

    • MD-4G Wood moisture meter

    • DT2240B Photoelectric speedmeter

    • DT-2236C Multi-function tachometer

    • DT2234B Photoelectric Tachometer

    • LX1020 Light meter

    • LX1010C Lux meter

    • LX1010BS Lux meter

    • LX1010B Light/Lux meter

    • S-SM64 Sound Level Meter

    • CH-102 Digital cooking thermometer

    • CH-105 Cooking thermometer

    • CH-227 Wireless BBQ thermometer

    • S-H03 Cooking thermometer fork

    • CH-105 Food thermometer

    • CH-204 Display thermometer

    • S-H05A digital temperature meter

    • C-WS903 Alarm Thermo/Hygrometer

    • S-WS06A Multifunction-Hygrometer

    • S-WS11Solar Thermometer

        Century Harvest Electronics Co., Limited was established in 2009, its factory Shen Xin Hui Electronics Co., Limited was founded in 2003, and located in BanAn zone, Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen as an important coastal city, it has absolute advantage in geographical position for land and sea transportion.    Shenxinhui Electronics Co., Limited is a high-tech enterprise that always devoted to develop, design, produce and marketing of medium and high grade products. The main products is electrical products for environment,...

    • Company news
    • Industry News
  • Congratulations on the successful passing of the first supervision and audit of ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification 2019-10-28

            Congratulations on the suc...
  • ISO9001:2015 passed the certification smoothly 2018-10-20

        Congratulations on successful adoption of ISO9001:2015 q...
  • 2017 the latest declaration of design patents have been authorized 2017-08-08

    Shenzhen SHENXINGHUI Electronics Co., Ltd. is always ...
  • Backlight multi-function thermo-hygrometer market 2017-02-13

    New model CH-904 with multi-function and backlight is ready. It with ...
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